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Good Start

Smart and Simple

Great that you visited our website to learn more about our service. We will introduce you to a whole new world of procurement.

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Perfect Choice

With end to end procurement service, we take care of every steps through the procurement process, you just need to enjoy the shocking low price we got for you!

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Why us?

Enjoy the journey

We provide an opportunity for Australian business to order directly from manufactures at the possible lowest price. We take you through a product procurement journey that no one else can!

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Unique Solutions

At JC Procurement we create unique and effective procurement solutions for our client's. No matter your product range, we will create the right combination of factors and engineer the best outcomes for your business needs.


Precise Planning

Planning is an essential step in helping to create a hassle free procurement experience. Our team will provide you with a detailed roadmap of your order to ensure all factors are known and managed from the outset.


Cost Check

Make sure you're getting the best rates on the items you purchase for your business. We offer 10 product cost check with no cost to show you the potential huge savings you could get.


Latest Projects


27 January, 2015

We arranged stubby holder and event sticker with I14 logos for the I14 international sailling event.

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27 January, 2015

We are proudly provided procurement services to Royal Geelong yacht club's festival of sails

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27 January, 2015

Here is a photo of Paul ( Festival of Sail's chairman) with us.

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27 January, 2015

We have been receiving great feedbacks about the backstay flags.

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Professional Management Skills

Professional procurement


We manage every steps of the procurement process.



With buying directly from overseas manufacture, accurate translation is a must

Supplier hunting & negotiation


We hunt down manufacture/suppliers overseas who can offer much cheaper price and great quality products /services and we take care of all the possible hassles.

Quality assurance


All your products will be examined by our staff in China to ensure to quantity and quality meet our standards before ship them to Australia.

About Us

At JC Procurement we provide end to end procurement solutions so that our clients can find the best products at the best price for their budget.

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