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Who We Are

JCP is an end to end procurement service agency, specialist in procurement from China. We started our business when we realise how much more Australian business are paying for their products or services. We are here to give Australian business a pathway that can help you get higher quality products at better prices and have them delivered on time.

We do not just give “advises or consultation” on how you should improve your procurement management, we take care of the whole procurement service from end to end, including from hunting down the suppliers and negotiate to deliver the items to your door to ensure you get the best result possible.

We help you to purchase any common use goods, materials, promotion items, retail items, customised products or any services you need. Any non-perishable items, we can find them for you and save you the dollars no one else can.

Our Process

1.learning-assessment-icon.png Need assessment

We take the time to understand your business requirements. An experienced procurement officer will work with you to help you determine which products/services best fit you needs. We will explore your goals and how can we help you to achieve them.

2. opera_glasses.pngSupplier head hunting

After we have helped you explore your business requirements, our staff begin the hunt for the most appropriate and competitive supplier. Finding the right supplier who can produce the right quantity and quality of product and deliver on time is an essential ingredient in creating a hassle free procurement experience for our clients.

3.AdWords-Phrase-Match.jpg Shortlist & quotes

Now comes the exciting step of providing our client with a collection of competitive quotes from a range of hand picked suppliers. From our supplier shortlist we help you hand pick the best suppliers that meet your quantity and quality standards.

4.easy setup.png Arrange samples

From the list of carefully chosen suppliers, we arrange for a series of product samples to be manufactured and delivered to our Chinese quality assessment center. Alternatively we can have the product samples shipped to Australia for your personal inspection.

5.backup-recover-archive-icon.jpg Sample Assessment

After the samples have been successfully delivered and tested by you, we can help you place your first purchase order. test test test test test test  test test test test test test  test test test test test

6. tick.pngManufacturing & logistics

Once we have confirmed which items you want to order and the quality of these items, we will give you a estimated fabrication completion date, and give you information on how much would cost for different shipping method such as sea shipping, air mail, express mail etc.

7. cart_icon3.pngPlace purchase orders

We make the purchase order easy by providing you with a concise order form tailed for your needs.
We will send you a form with all the listed details for your order for you to confirm

8. research_.pngPost production quality assessment

Once the manufacturing process is complete and your products are ready for shipping, we will transfer the products to our quality assurance and control center in China where each item is carefully checked to ensure it meets our agreed quantities and quality standards.

9. 18281.pngInternational shipping

At JC Procurement we have established relationships with a range of freight service suppliers and are in a strong position to find the best rate on China to Australia shipping for your items.

10.Logistic_7-512.png Local pickup or delivery

Lastly once the products have arrived in Australia, we can have them delivered directly to you or arrange for them to be collected from one of our partner warehouses.

Message from the owner


" I foundered JCP procurement services with the mission of helping Australian businesses overcome the difficult challenges of procuring quality products from suppliers in China.

Not only are there the obvious language barriers, but there are also significant differences in how both parties approach business.

Having had the privilege of working closely with Australian business owners for many years, I have developed an in depth understanding of the needs of Australian businesses and am able to help them navigate the risks and challenges of doing business with suppliers within China.

I personally ensure all our staff are trained to consider your business needs from the very start to the very end of the procurement process. 

At JC Procurement services, we know how important it is to consider each challenge from our clients point of view. That's why our our staff are trained to execute duty of care and pay attention to detail with every job they are involved with and treat each client's job as if it were their own business.

Trading with international suppliers is riddled with risks and challenges. That's why I have staff on the ground in both Australia and China to ensure that your procurement process is managed smoothly and any issues that may arise be addressed quickly and efficiently before your items are shipped to Australia.

It's my mission to help Australian businesses trade with suppliers in China in a reliable and convenient way."

About Us

At JC Procurement we provide end to end procurement solutions so that our clients can find the best products at the best price for their budget.

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