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At JC Procurement, our client's profit increased dramaticly with our assistance. We deliver massive savings and reduce the risk of global sourcing to our clients with our professional Asian sourcing experience and knowledge.

Why partner up with JCP?

Our partner program will assist business mentors, accountants, marketing company, event management company or whom would like to help their clients benefit from global sourcing with  cost effective procurement solutions.

4 key benefits:

A: Benefit your clients means benefit your own business.
    With average saving our clients half of their normal cost, your clients could save huge amount of money. Keeping customers happy always end up good.

B: You can provide your clients more services and be more competitive
    Most of clients are new to global sourcing and procurement services. With us working together, we could offer your clients a great and unique experience that other's could not offer.

C: More revenue per clients
    Your clients would need more of your assistance on how to better managing their finance or business better when they using sourcing service with us.

D: More new clients
     With the great experience your clients had, that means more referrals from your existing clients. Grow business together

 Benefits for your clients
-Saving up to 80%
-increase profit
-reduce the risk of global sourcing
-access to more supplier options
-be more competitive

Benefits to your business
-stronger business relationship
-more profitable clients
-more referral
- extra income per client

Which clients could benefit from global sourcing and procurement management?

We are not limited by products or industry, nor the size of the business.  Business who need to purchase items, the items can be as small as stickers, or as large as machinery.  Therefore, any business that can possibly benefit from our service can be our potential customers.

What you and your clients expect to get from us?
We will provide you free marketing materials to help you to introduce how global sourcing and procurement planning can help with their business.
Exclusively your clients can receive a free cost check to outlining potential savings and plus a procurement solution consultation to help your clients purchase better and more efficiently

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At JC Procurement we provide end to end procurement solutions so that our clients can find the best products at the best price for their budget.

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